Data center Technician salary and Job outlook

  • According to PayScale, In the US, it is usually men who opt for a Datacenter Technician job. The professionals earn about $21.92 per hour. Now Data center technicians are one of the top job hiring skills in the US. The common factors that affect the pay are geographic location, career length and the particular employer. The job satisfaction is high, and it is enjoyable. Use the right platform like Field Engineer to land a job in the best freelance marketplace. It is a place where businesses look out for the high-demand talent.

    The technician should answer questions and take queries from various sources and provide them with the right information. Coming to the technology requirements, they must be competent with operating systems, network infrastructure and all kinds of hardware deployment.It usually happens that the data center had its personnel equipped with facilities to conduct this specific operation in the organization. The professionals work with individual servers or hardware infrastructure, backups and restoration of data within a network. The job role includes tasks such as running cables or improving data center security and other types of maintenance works.

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